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A garden is Art and Nature at once

I like to think of a garden, as of a work of art in the making: as if it were a matter of sculpting a space, drawing it with plants and materials, introducing colour or not, textures, that is as an experience of total living space in movement. People can enter that space, they are at scale within it, its real. A void space has no visual dimension or meaning. Scale and meaning come in when you introduce thoughtfully a line or an object. That is why volumes, itineraries, or water create space. Their function is illusionistic. The size and form of each element is totally relative to every other and to the space given. What in another context can be isolated or incomplete elements, here become meaningful within the whole. These “ensembles” form in their timely development what I call a garden.

Would you like to discuss your next garden project? We will study its unique location without any pre-established formulas. To achieve this, vegetation, idea and space have to find their own particular equilibrium. That is our challenge.

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